Viva La Facts!

The world is buzzing about France’s election and Emmanuel Macron, the “centrist left” contender, which is stirring up political waves even here in the US.  Macron is reportedly the favorite who mixes France’s socialist traditions with France’s emerging Republican shifts.  Pundits particularly see him as a “favorite” because the populist Republican shift of anti-immigration and push to break from the European Union, has many worried in France it would be like a “Trump” regime turning their culture inside out. This political shift comes after horrible attacks on France by terrorist started over a year ago, so of course, one can see why the convenience of this emerging political party.

This led into a discussion how in the united states we were getting rid of socialism/liberalism.  I was listening to the news on my way to work this morning and someone predicts the French election to be much like ours where the tide of change is coming to end “Liberalism/Socialism” worldwide.  This caller went on to say that luckily our voting system with the electoral colleges didn’t allow New York or California to give the election to Clinton. I have heard this Republican rhetoric my entire life. So, I did some fact checking on state by state numbers because I believe the electoral college system is outdated.

Overall, Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Trump, with 65,853,625 to Trump’s 62,985,106.  When I looked at state by state most were very close. Only California and New York were the ones with the greatest amount of despairing votes between Clinton and Trump, but those states alone would not have given her almost 63 million votes. In fact, the swing state of Florida had Trump winning by less than a thousand votes! That’s right, less than a less people gave Trump Florida.

In the state of Indiana, home of ultra conservative VP Mike Pence,  Clinton had over a million votes.  A million people living in the heartland of Indiana voted for Clinton. Much like most of the states, thousands and millions of people voted for Clinton, and they were not all in New York or California. Facts are facts and lets push to have our election system count vote per vote.


Better Off With Pence?

As I listen to opinions on both side of the fence, Conservative or Progressive, Republican or Democrat, most of them say “we’re better off with VP Mike Pence than we are with Trump.”  Today on Facebook such a discussion was posed.  Honestly, are we really better off?  Despite Mike Pence’s stance against the LGBTQ community, or anyone different than his beliefs, he has a role in one of the most unscrupulous presidency’s.

How could he defend a treason filled- lying president and be trusted? Explain to me how America is safer with someone who endorses what Trump does just to be seen as someone who “has no clue” that he is colluding with Russia or anything criminal in nature.  I know the law; the VP takes over when, and I mean when not if, president Trump is impeached.

What does it say about his intelligence to be totally ignorant and in the dark during Trump’s campaign and presidential descisions? What does it say about his character to be turning a “blind eye” to all of the corruption?  Are we better off with an ignorant and corrupt replacement? In my opinion, he’s equally dangerous. When Trump is impeached all of his cabinet including the Vice President needs to be charged.



consciously white in a “red state”

Last week I took my newly bought 2000 Jeep Wrangler through the emissions check point.  I was skeptical when I bought this classic beauty in Alabama from a slick talking southerner named Grant who called his dealership “Gilbert’s auto.”  When you are in the market for an old wrangler 11-17yrs old, one is mighty desperate.

My partner was quite irritated with me looking for a wrangler tirelessly for weeks because we found mostly salvaged vehicles or extremely high miles needing new engines. I looked at her and said “I smell something burning under the hood,” but it looked clean as a whistle. Sometimes after cleaning one, the cleaner can give a faint smell, so I reluctantly chalked it up to that and gave Mr. Grant/Gilbert money for it.

Now fast forward to the emissions depot, and when the attendant saw me pull in, he greeted me with a wide mouth grin and said “A JEEP! I’ve been wanting one of these.” Then he inquired how I liked it. Once I told him I just bought it, his face quickly turned from smile to worrisome as he began to have trouble getting my gas cap to cooperate with his gauge. He didn’t even plug in the reader into my electrical fuse inside my cab. It just failed by inability to work. He suggested I go to an auto parts store to get a new gas cap and come back, which I immediately did. I pulled right back into his line, and handed him the cap from the box. He tested it without replacing the old one and handed back, and still didn’t plug in the electrical fuse component. I passed with the system reading the new gas cap!

When I drove away I wondered what would have happened if I was living back in metro Nashville area where they weren’t so forgiving. Where they weren’t so “anti-EPA.” I moved last year to a county considered slightly more rural, which aligns more with Republican ideas of less regulation. I also wondered what if I wasn’t white or driving a Jeep. What if I was of color driving a car this guy could care less about? I am drawing from a lot of assumptions here, I know. He was a very nice guy, but he did strike me more of the “long-haired rebel yell” kind of man. I wouldn’t know what a different outcome would have been, but for one of the few times in my life, I was consciously white and witnessed an advantage.

Why do I say “few times?” I am not often in the moment aware enough to see it happen, and until recently, I did not live in a predominantly white privileged area.  In addition, I am a lesbian. I’m used to living around diversity and unfortunately seeing/experiencing  discrimination.

NPR & Trump Loyalists

On my way to work this morning I was listening to the typical “politics of the people” programs and how president Trump’s approval rating is slowly diminishing.  Two things stood out to me, his percentage with independent voters and a caller’s opinion of Trump loyalists. As an independent voter myself, hearing that 33% of us approve of what the president is doing so far, really struck a chord. I thought instantly just who are these 33%, what on earth are they approving, are they really independent voters/freethinkers, not just ex-libertarians or tea-partiers claiming to be “independents?” I am an independent and surely I do not approve! Then quickly I remembered that leaves 67% disliking Mr Trump’s policies, which calmed my anxieties some.

The next call or soon thereafter, had a very vivid point. A female suggesting how the loyalists will standby president Trumps decisions regardless of his ratings and the worse his ratings are, the “better” he will get.  Now let’s unpack that for a moment. I am not sure she meant literally he will perform better, but he himself will think so, and so will his supporters. These people are diehards and they do not follow any form of standard measure that we gauged how a president would perform in the past. Previously, if a president’s rating went down, so did popularity and support. Not in this case. His support is so radical, extreme, and unwavering it’s very much like an ideology (religious doctrine) or prejudices (biased views/ racism). These perspectives are so ingrained within people, it is hard to separate their belief just because of public opinion.

Hence, Trump loyalists do not want to be wrong no more than Trump himself who appears to be Narcissistic. They are strongly tied to their belief like a doctrine. No matter what the public opinion may be, they will go down with the ship. This caller stated that they voted him in and placed the rest of us at risk and do not care. Amen sister, Amen!